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Marie Mills, Principal

Over 10 years of experience…

Helping organizations achieve greater success with less effort taught me that my best work happens when I’m helping small businesses.

It takes a certain blend of confidence and crazy to run a business. Launching my own catering and photography businesses provided first-hand experience with small business ownership and all the challenges that go with it.

Working as a business and process analyst, I developed a broad range of experience understanding business problems and providing solutions in a variety of industries.

Owning and operating Clear Solutions offers me the best of all worlds: running my own business, the opportunity to channel my naturally process-oriented way of looking at the world, and helping small business owners succeed.

When I’m not working, I can probably be found exploring open water by sea kayak, scrambling up a mountain, or cooking.

I’ve been athletic my whole life and was lucky to grow up in the Pacific Northwest, a natural playground for exploring beautiful places, developing strength and endurance, and pushing my limits.

I volunteer locally, lead kayak trips, and help socialize kittens with bad manners to become loving pets. I also do my best to help my 91 year-old mother live as independently as possible, even when she denies she is aging or needs my help.