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How’s Your Process?

I’m fortunate to live near Narrative Coffee – the perfect place to imbibe a hot beverage, in a comfortable setting, on a dreary January day. Narrative not only offers great coffee, a delicious selection of uncommon herbal teas, and cookies baked fresh on site, they offer consistently great customer service. Great service includes a way for t


An operations manual may have prevented this tragedy

Bill Marler’s post on a recent botulism outbreak emphasizes the need for clear operations protocol. An operations manual could have spelled out rules for record keeping, dispenser instructions, and safe temperature management. Of course, the staff still need to read the manual and follow it, but it’s more likely they will, if the manual exis


The key to writing the best operations manual for your business – delegate it!

Once you decide to create a personalized business operations manual to run your business more efficiently, you need to answer a very important question: will you write it yourself or have someone else do it? And, if someone else, who is the best person to delegate to? To answer that, consider the following: Do you enjoy writing? Are you


Why every business needs an owner’s manual (aka operations manual)

Remember the last time you were driving and one of those pesky warning lights showed up when it was most inconvenient? Or, you were trying to figure out how to turn on the lights for that rental car? After a futile attempt to figure it out through trial and error, you probably looked in the glove box, pulled out the owner’s manual, and found the


Greater Opportunity for Women has its Challenges

Elizabeth Gilbert nails it, in several ways. She talks about the challenge of navigating the break from traditional roles without role models to show us the way (I’m sure many men can relate to this as well), and the illusion that we alone are struggling, while everyone else has figured “it” out. The goal is not perfection and the solution