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Let Me Help You Take a Vacation – your business will be glad you did

Posted In Operations, Process & Procedures, Small Business ON September 24, 2019

As a business owner, taking time off for a vacation can feel difficult to impossible. This summer I had the opportunity to take a vacation which allowed me to fully step away from my business.

While wilderness kayaking in Southeast Alaska, I thought my business would be the furthest thing from my mind. I enjoyed exploring many small islands and witnessing the abundance of wildlife for which Alaska is famous. 

Each day, as I cranked out another few thousand paddle strokes to the next camp site, I soaked in the scenery while increasing the distance between me and my daily routine back home.

I also found my business entering my mind when I least expected. Suddenly a new business idea would pop into my head or I would find myself gently mulling over an unresolved issue without any expectation of arriving at a concrete solution. This was my vacation after all, right? There was no pressure on myself to be productive.

I found myself reflecting on my business from a completely fresh perspective. No desk, no computer, no tightly-scheduled calendar. Living outside the usual framework in which I run my business gave me a new take on the details and the big picture. 

I returned rested and ready to get back to business. I also returned with fresh ideas, renewed energy, and excited to apply my new insights.

I loved my vacation and appreciated the benefit to myself and to my business of taking time out to relax and immerse myself in a totally different environment and routine. I realize not everyone’s idea of fun and relaxation is paddling in the wilds of Alaska, but I think every business owner can benefit from stepping out of their usual routine to gain a different perspective on their business.

Sometimes business owners have a hard time taking time off when they don’t have systems in place. If you need operational clarity and systems in place to let you take a vacation, or to just step away from running your business day-to-day, I can help you make that possible.