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No Contingency Plan? You Can Build One in 10 Steps.

Posted In Problem Solving, Operations, Process & Procedures, Small Business ON August 3, 2020
Small Business Contingency Plan

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if you suddenly became ill or injured?

I’ve seen first hand how few businesses have a documented contingency plan that provides clear direction in case something happens to the owner.

You need a contingency plan in case of accident.

As an avid purveyor of outdoor sports, my time out of the office is often spent sea kayaking, hiking, or pursuing some similar adventure. During these adventures and through sheer accident (pun intended), I have found myself providing first aid and helping to evacuate the injured on five separate occasions. Only one involved my party. For the other four incidents, I just happened to be the first one on the scene, trained, and able to take charge.

Experiences like this bring real meaning to the business I have built. I have seen how quickly things can take a turn. No business owner deserves the stress of wondering whether or not their business will survive if they are temporarily unable to keep things running.

And that’s why I created a simple and affordable tutorial so you can build your Contingency Plan in case you suddenly became ill or are injured.

The tutorial includes a template and video instruction that shows you step-by-step how to build your plan. Whether you have no employees or many, having a plan in place is important.

Your plan lets you decide who will step in, what message will go out to your customers, clients, and community, and what work will be performed in your absence. Now imagine what would happen with no plan in place. Who’s in charge? What gets said and what gets done? You need a plan.

You need a contingency plan in case of illness.

I also created a contingency plan Jump Start package, to help you get started, prompt you to keep moving forward, and complete your plan even faster.

Don’t wait. Be prepared. Have peace of mind. Start building your contingency plan today. You’ll be glad you did.