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An easier way to run your business…

It’s common for business owners to run their business out of their head. And that approach can be exhausting, stressful, and inefficient.

Clear Solutions captures the details in your head. No more reinventing the wheel, confusion over how to do the work, major setbacks when an employee leaves and takes their expertise and knowledge with them, or missed vacations because your business can’t run without your guidance.

Instead, your business runs how you want it to run – clearly, consistently, and efficiently – every single day.

Running your business out of your head is the hard way. Let Clear Solutions make running your business a whole lot easier.

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A different kind of support…

I treat you like the expert you are.

We work together to clean up existing documentation and identify and fill in the gaps. I help you organize the information so you can quickly find what you need.

I review your processes to identify where the work can flow better. And I show you how to maintain your library of knowledge to ensure it continues to serve you as your business shifts and grows.

You know your business. I know how to clearly document every process, task, and detail you need to run your business successfully and with more ease.


  • Increase profit margins.
  • Free up your time and energy to develop your business.
  • Improve clarity and confidence in running your business well.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Easily find the information you need.
  • Experience smoother  transitions when a key employee moves on.

“We are a multi-location business, with each location following a slightly different business and operations model. Thus Marie had her work cut out for her with the challenge to create appropriate, accurate operations manuals for each operation. She is an attentive listener, detail-oriented project manager, and an effective consultant who accomplished what my management team and I could not do ourselves.

Her outside perspective and thoroughness allowed her to see the gaps in our documentation. Most importantly her patience and empathy to the “true demands and constraints” of our business meant her presence in our world was non-disruptive and her stewardship of our work together did not feel over-bearing. That said, Marie moved the projects forward every time we met. Marie is very comfortable working on a complex set of deliverables with multiple deadlines and different measures of success and “completion.”

For any business owner with a process to document or a business that needs an operations manual, Marie is an excellent choice for a consultant to help actually get it done. “

– Roz Edison, Co-Owner, Marination

“All of that information that is in your head needs to get out! You don’t want to be the only one who can do all the many things your business needs to keep running. Marie will help you move it from your brain onto a clear document that someone else can take off your plate – and do it just as well as you. She was able to draw out information from us that was essential to creating documented, repeatable procedures.”

– Kristen Cole & Heather Chitty, Co-Founders, Madres Kitchen

“Getting a business started and keeping it going is hard work. Setting up systems and documentation can make the job easier, but when is there time? Under her guidance and structure, she coached us to take on some of the work, keeping our costs in line with our budget, while teaching us along the way. Marie listens, makes plans that meet our needs, and helps create the order.”

– Maureen O’Shaughnessy, Founder, Leadership Preparatory Academy

“Clear Solutions helped my company clarify and streamline a complicated process so we were able to save significant time training additional staff and doing the work.”

– Justin Elsner, Owner, Elsner Law Firm

“Marie demonstrates a clear understanding of business and is able to provide directives to successfully organize work flow. After each meeting, Marie provides a written summary of what was discussed and action items to complete. It is amazing that she can provide insight and analysis at such a high level. Her suggestions for improvements and how to reach goals are valuable.”

– Joan Tilton, President, Arlington Electric

“Before I went through Marie’s process, I was really frustrated in my business. I was working my tail off, feeling stuck without time or space to move forward, and making just enough to get by. Her process dug deep into the heart of my business to discover what was working and what was sucking the life out of me. Marie was excellent at cutting right through my bullshit to get to the root of my stress instantly, with razor precision. “

– Anna Holden, Owner, Sensitivity Uncensored

“Marie and I have had several sessions and I won’t hesitate to work with her again in the future. I’ve been stunned by her insights and gift to find and tease out problems, identify solutions, and simplify processes. She does this in such a compassionate, professional way by asking perceptive questions, listening and hearing the answers, and offering feedback. She truly feels like a part of my team – I’m so grateful for the gift of her expertise. “

– Heather Downes, Owner, Heather Downes Jewelry